Clear the Way!

We cannot put out the fire, rescue the patient,or otherwise conduct emergency operations unless we can get to you.

Here are some questions to ask yourself in case the fire department is ever called to your home.

  • Are your house numbers easily readable from the road? Emergency crews urge you to have clearly marked house numbers.
  • Is your driveway wide enough for a fire truck? Is your gate wide enough? Be aware that our trucks are wide! Keep 12 feet for driveway!
  • Is your driveway is blocked by a security gate? You don’t want your driveway gate to bar emergency access.
  • Is there access to a water supply near your house?
  • Are trees an adequate distance away from your home? Are trees and shrubs clear of the front door/back door and windows?
  • In your home “clutter-free” so our emergency people can safely get through with a stretcher ofr fire hoses?

Safety is our first concern for all!