On March 30, 1968 the lives of the residents of New Chester Township forever changed.

That warm spring day was the worst fire day on record: A fire broke out in Hickory Bluff area in the town of Easton and quickly moved towards New Chester.

Now known as the “McGuiness lake Fire” it consumed over 1,800 acres and left a path of destruction six miles long by a mile wide.

In 1969 fire departments were far and few between. The resources were depleted and people had no way of helping themselves. That was the beginning of the formation of the New Chester Fire Department.

Back then the dept. was formed with just 7 members helping out whenever needed. The first fire truck was built by hand from misc. parts by the members. Thru out the years membership has gone between 7-and 47 at any one time. In spring of 1970 New Chester built the first fire station in the county. A simple 40×60 pole barn.

Today it marks a total of 23 active members both fire fighters and EMR Emergency Medical responders (that was formed in 2005) to keep up with the township demand for this service.

New Chester Fire dept. service the area’s of Lincoln, Easton and township of New Chester today.

New Chester averages about 250-300 calls per year. All with a volunteer member base.

With the ever changing fire service we are always looking to educate ourselves to the new ways of fighting fires and providing medical to the community.

In June 2019 we will be celebrating 50 years. Look us up!